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Is Coconut Oil Great for Oily Skin?

3How does coconut essential oil help oily skin?

Coconut oil contains enough medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which act like those present in the greasy sebum. Because of the similarity between your MCFAs in sebum and the actual tropical oil, our skin treats coconut essential oil like it’s moisturizing sebum and therefore, absorbs it very quickly and simultaneously, reacts by reducing sebum production in the detection of coconut oil about the skin.

Because it gets soaked up quicker than other oils, the oil of coconut will not leave a greasy film in your skin like other oils perform. Of course, if you apply an excessive amount of it in one sitting on your skin, it’ll saturate your pores and skin and leave a greasy movie.

So, apply just a bit and then reapply it as frequently as necessary to moisturize the skin. Once your skin gets nicely moisturized, your sebum production will automatically reduce.

That said, coconut oil is definitely good for oily skin.

You might not notice the calming effect of the sebum production until a couple of days or a week of daily application based on individuals. Our skin needs time for you to detect, fine tune and respond. So, just about a day of application won’t allow you to see how good coconut oil is perfect for your oily skin.

Also, don’t apply coconut oil over an already-oily skin as this could block its absorption. Cleanse the skin thoroughly first before applying the oil to make sure good absorption of it into the skin.

Though coconut oil is great for treating oily skin, you should couple the therapy with a good diet since food includes a pronounced effect on skin. Take more fatty food (except the ones that contain good fat from coconut or flaxseeds) as well as your skin becomes more oily. Good sense.

Other foods to avoid are the ones that contain high sodium like French fries and a variety of salty snacks or high processed carbohydrate like white bread as well as white flour etc. Dairy may cause your skin to become greasy too. So, cut back onto it as well or eliminate it completely out of your diet.

Ever heard of eating meat can improve your oily pores and skin? No, right? Apparently, animal meat doesn’t help your oily skin whatsoever. Meat from animals can even increase your acidic level and toxic waste materials, which can trigger a severe disorder inside your sebum production. So, get gone meat starting today.

Fruits and vegetables are great for oily skin because they contain rich quantity of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other skin-beneficial nutrients to assist flush out toxic waste and keep the body in balance. A balance body may have a normal sebum production.

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